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Do you use an AC unit checklist to ensure it functions smoothly all through the summer? An AC unit checklist is something every household that owns an AC should posses. A checklist can be used to not only prepare your AC unit for the summer, but to also maintain it all the way through. If you haven’t got an AC unit checklist, don’t worry too much as you can use the one below. After you finish reading it, make sure you print it out and file it with your other important AC documents…

In the summer temperatures can be sweltering in Tyler Texas. Hence it would be wise to have a smooth functioning energy saving AC unit when you most need it. One way to go about this is by changing your AC unit’s air filter regularly.

It can get blistering hot in the summer here in Tyler, Texas. The only way to ensure that you comfortably make it through this boiling discomfort is through the help of a smoothly running AC unit. This can be achieved if you hire the right person for your AC repairs. A good AC repairman will ensure that your AC unit runs trouble free all through the summer by not only repairing it before summer begins, but also being on call to fix major and minor issues. So here’s a complete guide to help you hire the right person for your AC repairs in Tyler, Texas…

Regular maintenance is important so you can make the most of your air conditioning system. From fine-tuning its performance, particularly during the warmer months, to preventing leaks from worsening, you need to check its condition periodically. There will come a time, though, when it is more practical to buy a new one instead of putting up with your existing AC unit.

Fortunately, it does not take too much to know when to replace your AC unit. Pay attention to these telltale signs that you have to look for a reliable air conditioning system soon:

It’s normal for air conditioning systems to encounter problems from time to time. Wear and tear is a natural part of every equipment’s service life, but that doesn’t mean you should simply ignore the small issues that your AC encounters. These problems, when overlooked, tend to worsen and result in costly repairs.

Summer is here again. Like most Texans, you are probably busily brainstorming for creative means to cut back your energy bill. While your friends and neighbors or even the Internet may give you 10 (or maybe 20) energy-saving tips, here are five tips that will help you to conveniently lower your energy use and save some money!

The hot summer weather is almost here and we are partnering with The Salvation Army to collect fans for those in need.

Help us collect 100 fans by June 6th for the Beat the Heat Fan!

*For every new fan donated by an ETR friend or loyal customer, ETR will match that donation! Make sure to mention that your fan is for ETR’s fan drive when you donate.

Donate to the Salvation Army to help!

The idea of summer conjures images of barbecue, swimming, and other fun water sports and family activities. However, in Tyler, Texas, the hot and humid Texas summer also calls for an efficient air conditioning system that will sustain you and your families when the temperature spikes.

To avoid the disaster of not having a working AC unit when the weather gets dangerously hot, we have reviewed three of the tips previously discussed. If you don’t have time to do all the tips mentioned before, at least try to do these three simple ones listed below. These steps will help you to beat the heat and ensure a satisfactory cooling system during the summer.

Is your home ready for summer? At East Texas Refrigeration, our Tyler air conditioning professionals can help! There are several ways to ensure that you are prepped and ready for the sweltering temperatures a Texas summer always brings. By giving it some thought beforehand, you can look forward to this season and all the fun that comes with it rather than dread it, hoping your home can “take the heat.” Here is some advice, as well as a few tricks, to keep your home comfortable this summer.

According to poison control, “Each year in the United States, more than 200 accidental deaths are caused by carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. It is considered the leading cause of death from poisoning in the United States” (www.poisoncontrol.org) That’s a scary statistic. As your heating company in Tyler TX, we want our customers to be safe in their homes and their businesses, so here’s a little about carbon monoxide poisoning and how it can be prevented.