3 Signs You Need a New Furnace Repairman East Texas Refrigeration Tyler TX

The job of the furnace is to keep your house warm, while the job of the furnace repairman is to ensure that it does the best job. Hence your furnace repairman is as important as your furnace.

This is why you need to hire the best furnace repairman and analyze their work regularly. If you notice something odd about your repairman, you should immediately find a new one. Here are some of the sings that indicate that you require a new furnace repairman.

1. Your furnace isn’t keeping you warm:

If your furnace isn’t doing its job no matter what your repairman does, it means that they don’t care about your air conditioner anymore or that the repair your air conditioner requires is beyond their skill level. At this point you must contact a new repairman immediately. If they can fix this problem you should hire only them for future furnace repairs and maintenance.

2. Your bills are too high:

Furnace bills can increase due to various reasons. It could be a problem with the furnace or maybe a leak in the ducts or something else. If your current repairman isn’t able to fix it you must find a new one right away.

The only reasonable excuse a repairman can give you for being unable to fix this problem is the age of the furnace. If your furnace is beyond 15 or 20 years of age it will lose its efficiency. The only solution for this is to purchase a new furnace. Again make sure you hire the right person to install it. We offer this service at East Texas Refrigeration.

3. You frequently suffer from health problems:

If your family is falling sick or suffering from allergies too often then there is something definitely wrong with the filter and your repairman isn’t doing his or her job. Hence you should find a new repairman who not only cares about your furnace, but also your family’s health.

These are the 3 signs that you need a furnace repairman. If you notice any of them you must fire your current repairman and find a new one. We can help you with all of the above three problems. Contact us at East Texas Refrigeration today.