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Spring has started to arrive in Tyler and throughout East Texas.  And while we love seeing the azaleas popping out and the grass beginning to turn green, a lot of people struggle with the pollen and allergens of springtime.

East Texas Refrigeration is a leader in AC installation, home air conditioning, 24/7 emergency service, air conditioner maintenance, and hands down the best local air conditioning company you can find.  We want to help you with best practices, create an HVAC maintenance plan for your HVAC system, and get it ready for spring.

Spring in East Texas means the beautiful Texas landscape is coming back to life. Flowers are blooming in abundance. New-growing-grasses are turning the landscape into a carpet of color. But for those struggling with allergies, the spring seasonal change can come with mixed feelings.

Enjoying the beautiful spring weather can also mean dealing with itchy eyes, trouble breathing, running nose, etc.

But it’s not just outdoor air quality that’s affected by the change in seasons. It also means that your indoor air quality is changing. Different molds, bacteria, and outdoor allergens are being brought indoors. These pollutants affect both you and your HVAC system.

There are more air pollutants and allergies in our world than ever before. Warming temperatures mean bigger AC units and more prolonged use of air conditioning systems.

Which, it stands to reason, is harder on your HVAC system when you run it more often and for longer.

The hot summer months in Texas are rough on air conditioners, and regular upkeep is crucial for your air quality and air conditioner.

Poor outdoor air quality impacts indoor air quality. If your HVAC systems become polluted, it’s more likely they will disperse pollutants into your household.

It is particularly true during the spring and summer months, as temperatures heat up and plants are at their peak pollen production.

If you suffer from allergies/asthma, you feel the change of seasons differently from many others. It’s much more intense.

Luckily, there are things you can do to help.

When it comes to getting your AC system ready for spring/summer and some of the most common pollutants and how you can prevent them from taking a toll on your HVAC system, a simple place to start is changing your filters.

Cleaning and changing your AC filters regularly is easy maintenance you can do yourself.

However, when it comes to maintenance beyond that, it is usually a good idea to let the HVAC experts take a look. While some general maintenance and cleaning on your HVAC system are possible to do yourself, there are definitely times to call in a local HVAC company

Having your air conditioner units maintained by professionals means you’ll pay less down the road in repairs. An easy way to make sure you don’t forget to clean your air conditioning unit is to create a biannual cleaning plan. Part of that cleaning plan should include calling your local air conditioner technician and scheduling to have your unit cleaned and checked.

Prevention is key when it comes to your HVAC system’s health and longevity. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by being prepared for the change of seasons. After all, seasons’ change also means a change of needs for your HVAC system and your household. Warmer weather means different pollutants inside and out.

One of the key benefits of having experts help clean and keep up your air conditioning units is that you can be sure the air in your home is as clean as you can make it. Especially if you have allergies/asthma, this can make all the difference.

Your home is your unique environment. Each home’s air quality needs are different and change depending on location- even throughout various East Texas areas, whether you have pets, if you or your family members have health conditions impacted by air quality, etc.

Making sure you keep your HVAC unit working properly will help ensure your indoor air quality is the best that it can be. Call your local HVAC company today and ask about their maintenance plan. Keep your home’s air clean year-round while helping your wallet and health in the long run.

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