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While everyone wants to save money when it comes to a new HVAC system, there are many details to consider: everything from the type of air conditioner to the type of heating system to whether you want a programmable thermostat.

HVAC systems make the difference between your home being livable—or not, especially in places like East Texas, where weather can range from cold in the winter to unbearably hot and humid in the summer months. A reliable HVAC system has become a matter of safety as opposed to just comfort. Rising summer temperatures can be especially dangerous to the elderly and children. When choosing a new air conditioner and furnace, it’s important to know you have a system that will work reliably and efficiently when needed.

ETR, or East Texas Refrigeration, a locally owned and experienced AC repair company in Tyler, Texas, understands that choosing the right size HVAC system for your home can be difficult.

There are multiple types of systems to choose from, and it’s important to ask a professional what options would be best for your home. You can choose from a hybrid system, split system, ductless system, or packaged system.

  • A hybrid system is like a split system but with better energy efficiency because it features an electric system that’s hybrid and capable of using less energy.
  • You’ll find a split system used most often—for multiple reasons. It’s called a split system because the two units are “split”—one for heating and one for cooling.
  • A ductless system features an outside air conditioner and utilizes a heat pump both for heating and cooling.
  • A packaged system is similar to a ductless system and also has an outdoor unit.


When it comes to choosing the right HVAC system for your home, pay attention to ratings. Research what ratings the units you’re interested in have. One of the most common is the SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.

Size of the Space

How big is your home? Does it have a lot of square footage to heat or cool? Does it have multiple individual rooms or larger open rooms? The amount and type of space you need to keep warm or cool makes a difference when it comes to choosing an HVAC unit. Talk to an experienced local HVAC technician for recommendations on units that will work most efficiently in your unique space.

Programmable Thermostat

More and more households and businesses are installing programmable thermostats—and for good reason. As opposed to a traditional thermostat, which you have to set manually, a programmable thermostat allows you to control and maintain the temperature in your home. The most up-to-date thermostats are compatible with your smartphone, so you can control the temperature in your home—and even different rooms—from anywhere. Maintaining your home’s temp will also help lower your utility bills.

Imagine traveling and finding out the weather back home has taken a turn. Rather than worrying about your home’s environment because of changing temperatures, you can simply press a few buttons on your smartphone and have the peace of mind that all is well back home.

Go Ductless

Ductless mini splits are a good option for many home types and businesses and have become more cost efficient. Especially for those who’ve been dealing with the loud, invasive presence of a window or portable AC, a ductless system is more efficient, can be more affordable, and is quieter.

Don’t Forget Maintenance!

Whichever system you end up choosing, it’s necessary to make sure you keep the unit properly serviced and maintained. Schedule regular HVAC maintenance checkups to get ahead of any issues that might be occurring. Regularly clean and change your filters and clean any ducts you’re able to do yourself. Call in the experts for regular seasonal inspections that involve state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment so you know that your system will work efficiently when you need it most.

East Texas Refrigeration has two full-time mechanical engineers dedicated to adhering to the latest industry codes and guidelines to guarantee the proper design, installation, and maintenance of your system. Notably, ETR is the exclusive provider of this service in East Texas with locations in Tyler and Longview.

When it comes to choosing a new HVAC system, talk to your local HVAC technician about what aspects of HVAC are most important for you: efficient heating and cooling, reliability, lower utility bills, sustainability, air quality, etc.

Depending on your home, you might need a specific unit.

Contact your local AC repair company experts today and get one step closer to a more comfortable home.