Factors that Affect Your AC Unit’s Performance

Do you want to get the best out of your air conditioning unit? Do you want to learn the factors that affect your AC unit’s performance?

There are several factors that can affect how well an air conditioning unit performs. Most AC owners don’t know these factors. Hence they don’t get the best out of them. Knowing what these factors are and controlling them will also help boosting the longevity of the AC unit.

So we have shared the most important Factors that affect your AC unit’s performance below…


Most people think that insulation plays a key role in winter only because the only thing it can do is prevent warm air from leaving the house. They are very wrong as insulation plays another role during the summer. It prevents hot air from entering the house. So actually insulation can help your home all throughout the year. If you haven’t replaced your insulation in a while, now is the time.

Give special attention to the attic as it is located right at the top of the house and most of the heat enters from here.


You might have faced those days during the summer where no matter how low you turn down the temperature of your AC unit you just feel hot. This is because of humidity. Humidity is very high during the summer and on some days it can feel unbearable. On these days it can be hard to lower the temperature in your house as humidity holds heat.

To achieve your desired temperature you will need to lower the humidity levels first. For this you will need two tools, a hygrometer to tell you what the humidity levels are and a dehumidifier to lower humidity.

Repair and maintenance:

Who does your AC repair and maintenance, and how well, plays an important role too. So make sure you get yourself a good AC repairman to help you with this. Maintenance of your air conditioning unit should be conducted at least 2 times during the summer. You will also need to change or wash the filters regularly.

These are all the factors that affect your air conditioner’s performance. So take efforts to control them.