Is it Time to Replace Your HVAC System? East Texas Refrigeration Tyler TX

Your HVAC system is what allows you to live comfortably in your home, no matter the season.

It’s easy to forget about our air conditioning and heating when they’re working properly.

You set your programmable thermostat and hear a hum in the background once in a while. Your home is then brought to an optimum cool or warm temperature.

This is all true—until your HVAC system breaks down.

Anyone who’s ever been stuck in a hot house with no air conditioning during an East Texas summer day or freezing inside during a cold winter night with no furnace can tell you how important it is to have a functioning HVAC system.

Too often, people wait until their air conditioner or heating system goes out to make a replacement.

Your local heating and cooling experts can help. Professionals have diagnostic equipment and can advise you about a professional HVAC maintenance program. They will perform an AC system check, check your air conditioner filters, advise about cleaning ductwork, and recommend whether you need a new air conditioner. Additionally, they will use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose whether your air conditioner or natural gas furnace needs replacing or just repair.

hvac system

Here are some indicators for when it’s time to replace your HVAC system:

  1. Your HVAC System’s Age

The age of your HVAC system can tell you a lot about whether it needs to be replaced or not.

If your HVAC system is older than ten years, it’s a good indicator it should be replaced for many reasons.

The older the system, the less energy efficient it is.

Most units that are more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient are also more recent. If you have an older unit, chances are it’s not environmentally friendly.  Older models run harder, making utility bills higher and are closer to breaking down and leaving you stranded without an HVAC system.

If you have an HVAC system that’s a decade older or more, it’s a good idea to start looking at replacements.

You’ll save yourself money in the long run by purchasing and installing a newer, more energy-efficient unit.

Pay attention to your bills. If you notice your energy bills steadily going up, your HVAC system might be at fault.

Your system might be running harder due to something going wrong. Possibly something serious.

Have your HVAC system professionally inspected to determine whether it’s working properly or should possibly be replaced for a new, more efficient working model.

2. HVAC System Runs All the Time

On those hot-hot East Texas summer days, have you noticed that your HVAC system runs all the time? That’s a good sign that it’s not running correctly or that it needs a really good cleaning.

If it’s constantly running, it’s not running efficiently. In addition, it’s costing you more money in utility bills.

It’s normal for dirt, dust, and regular wear and tear to cause an HVAC system to deteriorate. However, it’s important to monitor that deterioration and replace your system before it breaks.

3. Inconsistently Hot or Cold

Is one room suddenly warmer or cooler than another? Are you noticing fluctuations in temperature?

If your HVAC system isn’t keeping your home consistently warm or cold, that’s a good indicator that something is wrong and your unit needs replacing.

These fluctuations in temperature, if left too long unchecked, can also have other consequences. For example, an increase in a home’s humidity can cause mold and mildew to grow. Not only is this bad for your home, but it’s also bad for your health.

4. Repair or Replace – A Cost Analysis

Do a cost analysis. Once you’ve received a repair estimate from your local HVAC experts about how much it will cost to fix your unit, do some research. How much would it cost to replace your whole HVAC system? Is it close to what it would cost to replace it? If the numbers are close, it’s a good sign you should take the next step and upgrade your system. Especially if you have an older model, you will save yourself money in utility bills by upgrading to a newer system.

Are you suddenly noticing your house is dustier?

5. Strange Sounds and Smells

Are there strange noises coming from your HVAC system when it runs?

Does it make a strange smell when it turns on?

Any of these could be indicators that your heating and cooling system isn’t working properly and needs to be replaced.

Call your local heating and cooling experts right away to have your system inspected if you’re experiencing any such issues.

Trusted local HVAC technicians, such as East Texas Refrigeration, offer many options for installing your new HVAC systems. Additionally, these services are for both residential and commercial. It’s not just our home’s heating and cooling systems that break. You need to make sure your business’s HVAC system is running smoothly as well.

While it might seem like a lot of money and effort to replace your air conditioner and/or furnace, there are many good reasons to do so. In addition to saving you the hassle of being without an HVAC system if it breaks down, it can also save you money down the line.