Conserve AC Energy Consumption While on Vacation

How to Conserve AC Energy Consumption While on Vacation

People end up wasting high amounts of energy when they go on vacation every year. Most of this energy is wasted on cooling equipment like refrigerators and air conditioners because vacations usually occur during the summer. This is why today we are going to teach you how to reduce the amount of electricity your AC consumes when you go on summer vacation.

Lower the air conditioner temperature setting

If you are going away for weeks and months or you are leaving around the end of summer and don’t plan to return till winter begins, then the best option is to completely switch off the air conditioner. If you are only going away for a few days to a week you should reduce the temperature. The temperature should be just enough to prevent your house from getting too hot. On the day you return you can ask a friend or neighbor to turn up the cooling. This will ensure that the house cools down quickly instead of taking ages.

Another option is to use a programmable thermostat. You can adjust the settings to get it to maintain a lukewarm temperature when you are away, but to restore regular temperature levels on the day you return.

Ensure all windows are closed

To make it easy for your air conditioner to maintain the correct temperature while you are away, you should close all your windows and doors right before you leave. You should draw the curtains too. If you’re serious about energy consumption, you can line the inside of the curtains a day or two before you leave with aluminum foil for extra protection. This should save plenty of energy.

Improve insulation:

Insulation plays a key role in maintaining the indoor temperature in the summer by preventing heat from entering the house. It is most effective on the roof and the attic where the sun’s rays are cast upon the house. Good insulation will make it easy for your air conditioner to maintain temperature, thereby saving you a lot of electricity. Therefore you should give your insulation an upgrade before you leave.

These three tips should help conserve the amount of energy your air conditioner consumes while you are on a vacation. Use them to save a lot of money every year. You can use the money you save to organize a better vacation.