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There are so many types of furnaces. There’s gas, electric, oil, and various other options. It can be overwhelming for anyone to choose one type of furnace. To simplify this time consuming decision for you, we have decided to discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of different types of furnaces.

Today we are writing about the pros and cons of an electric furnace. Check them out below…

Pros of an electric furnace

There are several benefits of an electric furnace. The most important one is that it takes very little time to heat up the house as opposed to gas and oil furnaces. The absence of combustion also makes them very safe and environment friendly. You won’t have to worry about your house catching fire or being stuffed with carbon monoxide. Electric furnaces make very little noise too.

An electric furnace also costs a lot less than gas and other types of furnaces. They have a long lifespan of 20 to 30 years. The price along with their lifespan makes them very affordable.
Electric furnaces are also easy to install and occupy very little space. And they are the only option available in areas where gas and other fuels are unavailable.

Cons of an electric furnace

You might save money while purchasing the electric furnace and installing it in your house, but you will certainly end up paying more later. This is because the cost of operation of an electric furnace is a lot higher than other types of furnaces. It would be a bad option in areas where electricity is expensive. The only way to reduce your furnace’s operating costs is by powering it up with solar panels.

The other disadvantage is the risk of shock. If people aren’t careful while handling certain parts of the furnace, it could lead to them being electrocuted. Hence, you and your family will need to be extra careful around it.

As you can see above there are several pros and a few cons of using electric furnaces. If you would like to take advantage of all the comforts an electric furnace provides, but don’t find the electricity consumption an issue, you should invest in one now.