Reasons to use Trane Air Conditioning Units in Longview Texas

Are you looking for a new air conditioner? Do you know the reasons to use Trane air conditioning units in Longview Texas?

There are so many air condition companies to choose from. If you are new to air conditioning units and have no idea which company to use or have no one to advice you, then the best option to go with is a Trane Air Conditioners as you can’t go wrong with them. We have listed all the reasons to use Trane air conditioning units in Longview Texas below…

Founded in 1924:

Trane was founded in 1924, which means that it is over 90 years old. The only way a company can last this long is if they consistently create quality products. Whichever Trane air conditioning model you purchase, you can be sure of it being of the highest quality as Trane still follows the same rules which have helped it keep its customers satisfied over the past 90 years.

Long warranties:

Trane offers the best warranty programs in the ductless industry. Warranties on the parts range from 1 to 5 years and warranty on the compressor ranges from 5 to 7 years. You can also extend your warranty using the warranty plus program.These long warranties show that Trane are highly confident about the products they create. Typical use life is 15 years, but the actual average lifespan of a Trane air conditioner is 20+ years. So you won’t need to worry about replacing it for a long period of time.

Save on resources:

One of the biggest problems with air conditioners is their high electricity consumption levels which lead to an escalated energy bill. As Trane’s systems come combined with an inverter “Variable Speed” compressor it consumes 30% less energy when compared to traditional fixed speed systems.
Trane’s ductless feature also makes their air conditioners more efficient as ducted systems can lose 20 to 40% of energy do to duct leakage.

As Trane’s air conditioners come studded with quality, are long lasting and can save you money this is the best option when purchasing an AC unit.
Would you like to share any other reasons to use Trane air conditioning units in Longview Texas? Please leave your comments below.