Things You Can do to Boost Furnace Performance Today

Your furnace should always be working at its best. This will ensure that it keeps you comfortable throughout the harsh winter. It will also consume less electricity thereby shrinking your burgeoning heating bill.

This is why in this article we are going to list all the things you can do to improve your furnace’s performance…

Replace the filter:

A very common problem that affects furnace performance is the filter. Many people don’t know that they should replace it at least every 4 weeks. Hence it gets clogged up with too many particles. This results in it working harder to draw in air.

You can make it easy for your furnace to draw in air by replacing the filter or washing it (if it is of the washable variety). This will not only increase efficiency instantly but will also improve your health as it will filter out more allergens.

Check the air ducts:

Sometimes it isn’t a problem with a furnace, but a problem with the air ducts. A small puncture and they will be leaking out a good percentage of the air your furnace has labored to heat up.

It is easier to assess the air ducts than to go through all the trouble of opening furnace and looking for the problem. So do this first. If you do find a leak, seal it up. You will notice an improvement in your furnace’s performance quite quickly after you perform this step.

Contact an HVAC expert:

If you have no idea about air ducts and furnaces you should contact an HVAC expert. Quite often people who have zero HVAC repair experience attempt to repair the furnaces on their own by watching a tutorial on YouTube. This rarely works and usually leads to more harm than good.

An HVAC repairman will be able to service your entire heating system including your furnace with ease. We at East Texas Refrigeration can help you with servicing and repairing your furnace. So contact us today.

These are three things you can do to your furnace to boost performance quite quickly. If you want to go a step further you can purchase other items like thermostats and dehumidifiers. These instruments can improve furnace performance when they work simultaneously with them.