5 Tips from ETR company from Tyler Texas to Fix a Noisy AC Unit East Texas Refrigeration Tyler TX

Is your noisy AC unit spoiling your mood? How do you fix a noisy AC unit?

When your AC unit makes a noise, listen to it, it’s crying out for help. Usually it is a minor problem waiting to be fixed. Quite often people make the mistake of ignoring these sounds and this minor problem aggravates into a bigger and sometimes unfixable problem. If you would like to nip this problem in the bud, follow the below tips and fix your noisy AC unit the moment you begin hearing strange noises…

1. Listen closely:

Before attempting to fix anything the first thing you need to do is to listen closely. Move closer to the AC unit and listen intently and figure out what part is making this noise. If you need to you could also open up the top and observe with both your eyes and ears. Once you know the reason for the noises you can begin fixing the AC unit.

2. Cleaning:

Sometimes the resultant noise is because of dirt accumulating in certain parts of the AC unit. So giving it a thorough clean would be a nice idea. A dirty fan or filter can usually result in a noisy AC unit. So give the fan a good clean and replace the AC filter or give it a wash (if it’s washable).

3. Tightening screws:

Over time screws inside the AC unit or the ones outside that hold the unit in place loosen. The vibrations caused while the AC functions, result in this. Once you listen to the AC you should be able to figure which screws are causing the noise and you can just tighten them and get rid of the noise instantly.

4. Lubricating:

Quite often the motor of the AC unit turns noisy as a result of friction. If your unit’s motor is unsealed you should be able to easily lubricate it. Regularly lubricating your AC motor will help you avoid this problem. Lubricating the fan after you clean it will keep it noise free too.

5. Buy a new one:

Sometimes your AC unit reaches a stage where whatever you do doesn’t make a difference in stopping that disturbing noise. At this point it is best to buy a new AC unit as the latest ones make very little noise and are highly energy efficient. But before you take this step contact your AC repairman and ask for their advice. They might be able to find a way to reduce the noise (of your current unit) or assist you in getting a new one.

Image Credit: Christian Bucad Flickr