What You Must Know About Changing Your AC Unit’s Air Filter

In the summer temperatures can be sweltering in Tyler Texas. Hence it would be wise to have a smooth functioning energy saving AC unit when you most need it. One way to go about this is by changing your AC unit’s air filter regularly.

What happens when you avoid changing your AC unit’s air filter?

When you don’t change your AC unit’s air filter regularly, its ability to filter out germs and other particles withers. This could pose serious health risks. As more and more particles begin to get stuck in the filter it will get a lot harder for it to take in sufficient air, as a result the AC unit will begin to use more energy. This could cause strain on your AC unit, leading it to crash. A time consuming complex fix might be required. You could avoid all these complications by simply changing your AC unit’s air filter on a regular basis.

How often should you change AC unit’s air filter?

A lot of factors affect how often you need to change your AC unit’s air filter. The most important ones have been discussed below…

Filter size

There are several sizes for air filters. A large air filter would require to be changed less often, whereas a smaller one would need to be changed every month.

MERV rating

Air filters with a high MERV rating are more obstructive and keep out smaller particles along with the larger ones. So they require to be replaced more often.

Pet hair

Changing your AC unit’s air filter should be done more often if you have pets, as their hair and fur could get sucked in through the air ducts. This could result in blockage. If your pets shed hair very often you will need to replace the air filters, once a month at least. Note: If you have the washable variety you will need to wash it instead of replacing. A clean air filter will keep your home dust and allergy safe and save you money by making your AC unit more energy efficient. Therefore change or wash it as often as possible. How often do you keep changing your AC unit’s air filter? How has this affected your AC unit?

Image Credit:Martini Ziekenhuis (2)