Air Conditioning Unit Checklist for a Smoothly Functioning AC East Texas Refrigeration Tyler TX

Do you use an AC unit checklist to ensure it functions smoothly all through the summer? An AC unit checklist is something every household that owns an AC should posses. A checklist can be used to not only prepare your AC unit for the summer, but to also maintain it all the way through. If you haven’t got an AC unit checklist, don’t worry too much as you can use the one below.

After you finish reading it, make sure you print it out and file it with your other important AC documents…

1. Clean entire AC:

Clean your air conditioner both from the inside and the outside. Pay special attention to the air filter, make sure you either replace it or clean it. Also take a close look at the condenser coil and motor.

2. Check refrigerant charge:

Incorrect refrigerant charge can not only cause a breakdown of the compressor, but can also increase operating costs, so make sure you test it out and adjust it to the optimum level.

3. Tighten wiring:

Inspect the wiring and make sure it is tight as loose connections can lower performance and cause further problems.

4. Lubricate the motor:

Lubricate the motor and other bearings to ensure that it functions smoothly without any friction.

5. Check and adjust the thermostat:

If your thermostat isn’t properly set, it could cause the AC unit to run too long which could result in more strain and electricity consumption. So observe the thermostat closely and take steps to get it to function correctly.

6. Check for leaks:

Leaks can be another reason why the AC unit isn’t functioning up to is potential, so if you find any, make sure you fix them.

7. Perform a safety and controls check:

Make sure the safety and controls are functioning up to the mark too.

8. Run a test:

Run a test for about an hour and closely observe the AC unit. If you hear or see anything unusual make a note of it and fix it after the test run finishes. Follow the above AC unit checklist to ensure it functions smoothly all through the summer.

Did we forget to add anything important to the AC unit checklist? What other points would you add? We would like to see your comments.

Image Credit: ryoki Flickr (1) and bobafred (2)