Where is the Best Place to Install an Air Conditioner tips from ETR company from Tyler Texas

An important aspect to consider when installing an air conditioner in your home or office is the unit’s position. The position will determine how well the unit performs, how comfortable you will be and the potential electrical and health hazards you will avoid. Hence a lot of thought needs to put in while searching for the right place to install your air conditioner.

Most of the tips discussed in this article will apply to split and central air conditioners, as you will install a window air conditioner in the most suitable window.

Split ACs and vents of central air conditioners should be installed in a place close to where you sleep or sit in a room. This is because you will feel the cooling effect immediately, instead of waiting for the entire room to cool down. Make sure you have the ability to change the direction of the cooling air emitted by the unit as too much cool air landing on you can sometimes cause a sore throat.

In communal rooms like the lounge, the vents should be placed in centrally located areas to ensure everyone feels the cooling effect equally.

Vents and ducts should be placed at a higher level as cool air sinks down. Also, position indoor units away from sources of dust and other particles as this will mean that you will need to replace or clean the air filter less often.
Outdoor units need to be placed in a location where there is a lot of free space for them to vibrate without making too much noise. Internal airflow will also improve when there is free space around the unit. Free space will lead to less damage too, as the unit won’t collide with solid objects while running. Keeping your AC unit away from neighbors will help as well, as you don’t want a noise complaint.

The best person to advise you on where to install your new air conditioner is an experienced air conditioner repairman. Contact us at East Texas Refrigeration today and we will show you the perfect place to install your air conditioner. We can also help with the installation.