How to Ensure Your Idle AC Unit Survives the Winter tips from ETR company from Tyler Texas

Are you planning to pack up your AC unit soon? Would you like to ensure your idle AC unit survives the winter?

Soon the temperature will start to cool down and you will not need an AC unit anymore. This time instead of just letting it sit there, protect it by following the below tips and help it survive the winter so that it continues to function problem free when the next summer arrives.

1. Clean it up:

You don’t just clean your AC unit before you begin using it, you need to perform this step after too. As soon as you decide you don’t plan to use the AC unit, begin to prepare it for the idle period by giving it a good clean. Star by cleaning the outside and then the inside. Ensure that you get rid of all the dirt and grime and lubricate the motor and fan.

2. Get an AC repairman to service it:

If you usually get an AC repairman to clean your AC unit, book an appointment and get them to clean it up. While they are at it you can get them to service it too. If they find any problems they will be able to fix it right away. If you ignore these problems now (as you don’t plan to use it) they will just turn into bigger ones when you need the AC unit. So get problems fixed even if you do not plan to use your AC unit until next summer.

3. Cover up your AC unit:

After cleaning and servicing your AC unit, the next step is to cover it up. Covering it up will ensure that it doesn’t get dirty, which means that you will only need to clean it before you begin using it next summer. For best results cover it up with a robust waterproof cover instead of some old dirty rag.

Follow the above three tips and you will be certain that your AC unit will stay protected when not in use. And when summer returns all you will need to do is give it a good clean to begin using it.

How do you ensure that your idle AC unit survives the winter? Please leave your comments below.