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Many people don’t know that there are more things they can do to maintain their HVAC system than just replacing the air filter regularly. Here are some tips from your local HVAC repair specialists to help you keep cool this summer.

Turn Off your HVAC unit while mowing

Turning off the AC while mowing can help prevent stray grass or other material from getting into your system and causing damage. Keeping other plants or bushes away from your unit is also recommended for the same reason.

Check for insects

As an outdoor unit, your HVAC system is prone to insect infestation. Having bugs in your HVAC unit can cause massive damage to the electrical components inside, so we recommend the use of environmentally safe pesticides around your unit to protect it.

Maintain proper airflow

Avoid blocking your Air Supply vents and return grills, keeping plenty of space around them to avoid suffocating your HVAC system.

Call a professional for a check-up

Before the heat sets in, it is always a good idea to get your system inspected, so you know you’re ready for the summer months ahead. Getting your HVAC system repair done BEFORE it gets hot will save you from unnecessary heat, and could potentially save you money as well. Our HVAC repair specialists in Tyler and Longview are ready to help you with any questions or concerns; give us a call today!

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