Heating and cooling costs drive up the average home’s energy bill, comprising the biggest portion of those bills in any given month. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy says heating and cooling your home uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your home, comprising approximately 48% of your entire utility bill. Despite what type of heating or cooling units you have in your home, it’s possible to save money and boost your year-round comfort by regularly maintaining and upgrading your equipment.

A Whole-House Approach

Energy-efficient units alone won’t slash your energy bills drastically, you’ll have to incorporate a whole-house approach to cutting back on energy usage. From changing your thermostat settings to sealing up drafty windows and doors, you can save up to 30% on your energy bill while reducing environmental emissions at the same time. Check out these tips on how you can lower your energy usage and your bills to save cash.

Seal up Windows and Doors

Energy can leak through tiny cracks and gaps around your windows and doors, causing you to lose precious heat in the winter and cool air in the winter. Use caulking and weather stripping to seal the spaces around your windows and doors to keep that air from escaping. If your windows and doors are old and you can’t remember the last time they were replaced, get new, energy-efficient ones installed.

Adjust Thermostats

Most manufacturers settings for water heaters are set at 140F; lowering that temperature to just 120F can make a big difference in your energy bills and you likely won’t even notice the change. Plus, you reduce the risk of scalding. Use cold temperatures when running a load of laundry instead of hot. When leaving the house for the day, turn down the house thermostat seven to 10 degrees to save up to 10 percent each year.

Add Power Strips

Did you know that all the electronics in your home, from coffee makers to treadmills to printers, can suck power even when not turned on? It’s called phantom energy and it can be causing you to pay more in energy bills. Use power strips and plug chargers, computers, and other devices into it. Simply turn them on and off with one handy switch to save nearly $100 a year.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

This winter, you’ll likely use the heaters in your home to get some fresh air circulation. Just don’t forget to switch the blades to counterclockwise to bring the warm air up. In the winter, do the opposite.

Energy Savings Agreement: Best Way to Save Some $$$

One of the best ways to save money on energy and appliance costs is to keep up with their maintenance. East Texas Refrigeration offers regular maintenance plans that help you keep more money in your pocket and keep your AC and heating systems running in top operational condition. Sign up for our energy savings agreement with secure online payments for your convenience. The ESA includes one tune up in the spring to prep for the winter and one in the fall to prep for the winter. If you live within 15 miles of Tyler, the cost to you is just $155 for one system, with $125 per each additional system. If you live beyond 15 miles from Tyler, the cost is $189 for one system and $125 per each additional system.

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