What does a HVAC Repairman do during Heating Unit Maintenance

As a furnace owner, it is essential for you to know what an HVAC repairman does or is supposed to do during heating unit maintenance. You can use the information to make sure that the repairman does a thorough job instead of taking a shortcut.

This crucial knowledge will be highly instrumental in extending the life of your heating unit while it performs at its peak every single day.

Therefore, we have listed everything a HVAC repairman does during heating unit maintenance…


One of the first things the heating unit repairman must do is clean the heating unit, both the inside and the outside. They will begin by cleaning the outside and then the inside. Some parts like the burners need to be removed and cleaned. This will make sure that the dirt doesn’t corrode the other parts of the heating unit in the future.


Things that rotate inside the heating unit need to be lubricated to keep them from making any noise. This is why after the repairman finishes cleaning he or she will lubricate parts like the fan in the heating unit.

Leak checks:

If the heating unit runs on gas it will need to be checked for leaks. Combustible gas leaking out of your heating unit can cause fatal accident if left untreated.

Replacing filter:

Dirty air filters can cause your heating unit to expend more energy and even shorten the life of your compressor. You need to replace it every 8 weeks. If you haven’t done this in a while you have to inform the repairman as they will do this for you.

Temperature recording:

The repairman will need to check how well the heating unit is performing by taking temperature recordings. If the heating unit isn’t emitting the right amount of temperature it indicates there are some underlying problems that need to be sorted out.

Thermostat settings:

The heating unit repairman will need to verify if the thermostat has been properly calibrated. Improperly calibrated thermostats can cause your heating unit to use excess resources, thereby leaving you with a huge bill. If you have any questions about the thermostat make sure you ask them for advice.

These are the most important things a heating unit repairman must do during a heating unit maintenance session.  Make sure the repairman doesn’t forget any of them.