Rules to Follow While Purchasing a Thermostat East Texas Refrigeration Tyler TX

The air conditioner and the furnace might be responsible for the heating and cooling of your house, but your thermostat is what controls them. It ensures that you stay comfortable while saving energy costs. Hence it is extremely important to purchase the right one. You can learn how to do this by reading the below tips…

1. Decide on the type of thermostat:

The first step you must take towards purchasing a new thermostat is deciding on the type. There are 3 types of thermostats manual, digital and programmable.

  • Manual thermostats:As their name indicates, these thermostats can only be operated manually. You usually change the setting by rotating a dial or sliding a knob. They are cheap, but they save you very little energy. They are commonly seen in old houses.
  • Digital thermostats:These are similar to manual thermostats. They only appear different because of their digital display and are slightly easier to operate.
  • Programmable thermostats:
    Programmable thermostats are ones where you can pre set temperature for different days and times. Some advanced thermostats can help you maintain different temperatures in different rooms. They can also automatically adjust temperatures depending on whether you are home or away. These thermostats cost more, but they save money in the long run as they help conserve energy.

2. Figure out your HVAC system:

All thermostats aren’t compatible with all heating and cooling systems. Therefore you need to determine the type you need before settling on a thermostat brand or model. Figure out if your system is a line voltage, multi stage heat pump, regular heat pump, multi stage or a single stage model. Also make a note of your air conditioner and your furnace’s brand names.

3. Begin looking for the thermostat:

Now that you have all the information necessary, you can begin looking for your thermostat. Find one that works with your HVAC system’s type and model. The best option is to choose a thermostat that was created by the same company that created your HVAC system. Ensure that it has an app that can be installed on your mobile phone as it will make it easy for you to operate.

This is how you purchase a good thermostat. If you need any assistance contact us now.