hvac maintenance 3 Ways You Can Take Care of your AC Unit East Texas Refrigeration Tyler TX

Your AC unit is an elegant and sophisticated machine; with that, however, comes the need for proper maintenance and care. Here are three things you can do to maintain your AC Unit:

Keep your Outdoor Unit Clean

Outdoor AC units in Longview TX naturally collect a lot of debris from their surroundings; foliage from nearby pine trees and grass clippings produced by mowing can all cause considerable damage to your system if left untreated. Always make sure to check your system regularly for any debris buildup. If you notice something stuck in your system, clear it out and call your local Longview AC repair Specialist to check for any potential damage.

Replace your Filter Regularly

Every Air Conditioning System comes with a filter to prevent dirt, allergens, and other airborne pollutants from entering your unit and potentially causing damage. You should replace this filter every few months to make sure your air quality stays clean and to keep your AC Unit running smoothly.

Clean the Coils

AC units come equipped with various coils; condenser coils on the outdoor unit, and an interior evaporator coil. Your air filter will usually protect these systems, but over time they will gradually collect a small amount of dirt which can restrict airflow and cause many other problems. Additionally, the outdoor condenser coils are exposed to the elements and must be maintained to prevent damage.

You can perform all of these tips yourself, but if you don’t feel comfortable touching the more delicate parts of your AC unit, you can always call an AC Repair Specialist to help you. Our technicians in Longview and Tyler can assist you with any questions or service needs.