5 Tips from ETR company from Tyler Texasto Lower Your Electric Bill This Summer

Summer is here again. Like most Texans, you are probably busily brainstorming for creative means to cut back your energy bill. While your friends and neighbors or even the Internet may give you 10 (or maybe 20) energy-saving tips, here are five tips that will help you to conveniently lower your energy use and save some money!

Tip #1: Seal Air Leakage Points

The cracks and cervices of your windows and doors serve as air leakage points of your home. Sealing, caulking, or adding weatherstripping around your entryways will not only keep cool air from escaping your house, but also keep the warm summer air from entering and compromising the temperature of your home.

Tip #2: Add Window Awnings

Windows account for up to 25% of residents’ energy bill. Besides sealing air leakage points, installing window awnings is an extra step for homeowners to reduce heat gain in the summer. As Energy.gov explains, “Window awnings can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows.” Additionally, light-coloring awning will help homeowners to reflect more sunlight than darker ones.

Tip #3: Close Doors and Vents

There is no reason to keep cool air flowing all over the house if you plan to be in a particular area (say kitchen) for a couple of hours. A bigger cooling parameter means more energy spending on your part. By closing areas of the house you are not using and keeping your cooling parameter to the minimum, you will be relieved from heat at a faster and cheaper rate.

Tip #4: Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmed thermostat gives you the opportunity “to adjust your temperature according to a series of programmed settings.” By effectively turning on and off your air conditioning using a pre-set schedule, you will be able to cut back unnecessary energy waste without compromising your personal comfort.

Tip #5: Have a Clean and Functional AC Unit

Ensuring your air filter, duct openings, and other parts of your AC are clean and free of debris will improve your AC performance and reduce your energy cost. Having your AC unit inspected and regularly maintained by a professional air conditioning team or company will also extend your AC’s life and keep it running in good health. When it comes to installing and maintaining your AC unit, East Texas Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating offers a comprehensive Energy Saving Agreement (ESA). Our ESA comes with a complete spring & fall inspection package, 24 hour priority service, 15% discount on repairs, and many other special pricing on new equipment. Contact us and let us be your choice to a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle.