With this Steps you can Get Your AC Unit Ready for Summer East Texas Refrigeration Tyler TX

The idea of summer conjures images of barbecue, swimming, and other fun water sports and family activities. However, in Tyler, Texas, the hot and humid Texas summer also calls for an efficient air conditioning system that will sustain you and your families when the temperature spikes.

To avoid the disaster of not having a working AC unit when the weather gets dangerously hot, we have reviewed three of the tips previously discussed. If you don’t have time to do all the tips mentioned before, at least try to do these three simple ones listed below. These steps will help you to beat the heat and ensure a satisfactory cooling system during the summer.

1. Remove debris

Your AC’s outside unit (or the condenser unit) probably have accumulated dust, leaves, twigs, and other natural collections over the colder seasons. Debris generated by stormy, snowy, or windy weathers can also build around and on top of the condenser unit. Therefore, removing these natural accessories from your unit can avoid blockage and improve performance.

2. Clean the air filter

A dirty filter chokes the system and keeps the flow of cool air from traveling effectively throughout the system. According the U.S. Department of Energy, air filters should be replaced once a month during the cooling season. In fact the U.S. Department of Energy further states that “replacing a dirty, clogged filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%.”

3. Regular maintenance

However, the most important step to maintaining a healthy air conditioning unit is through regular maintenance. Sadly, this is the step many tend to overlook in the name of money-saving. As Todd Green, owner of ETR explained in an interview on CBS19, maintenance is key; scheduled tune-ups will help prevent costly breaks and save you tons of headaches when the weather gets hot. They can also help prevent you from getting stuck with an AC unit that is not working during the hottest time of the year.

Additionally, the professionals at ETR also warn against people repairing their AC unit without professional help. As stated in an ETR blog post, repairing the AC unit takes more than watching a YouTube tutorial. “Don’t do it yourself… The last thing you need is an entire unit repair after you tried an at-home fix and made things worse.”

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