Cold Weather Savings and Tips for Winterproofing Your Home

Winter is here and the temperature is dropping! Here at East Texas Refrigeration, we can always help you find the perfect heating system for your home. You also may wonder what else you can do to help keep your home warm and cozy (not to mention keep that energy bill down!) this winter. Below are 5 do-it-yourself home winterizing tips from MSN Real Estate:

1. Clean your home gutters

Using your hands, a spatula or scraper and a hose, clear all debris out of each gutter. This will prevent water from building up, turning into ice, and potentially causing water to leak into your house.

2. Block any leaks

Walk around your entire house and look for any obvious leaks, and use weather-resistant caulking to seal up all cracks and leaks. The EarthWorks Group reports that leaks in the average American home amount to a nine-square-foot hole in the wall. So imagine the water damage you’ll prevent and the money you’ll save!

3. Insulate your Home

Danny Lipford, host of the TV show “Today’s Homeowner”, says: “Another thing that does cost a little money — but boy, you do get the money back quick — is adding insulation to the existing insulation in the attic…Regardless of the climate conditions you live in, in the (U.S.) you need a minimum of 12 inches of insulation in your attic.”

4. Check your furnace

When turning on your furnace to check it, an accompanying smell is natural. But if that smell lasts very long, give us a call so we can diagnose any problems. Also, in the winter, make sure to check your furnace filters monthly and change them often.

5. Check your ducts

The U.S Department of Energy warns that a home with central heating can lose up to 60% of its heated air before that air reaches the vents if ductwork is not well-connected and insulated, or if it must travel through unheated spaces. To save money and have a warmer house, repair all pinched pipes and use metal-backed tape to fix any gaps. Don’t forget to clean your ducts every few years, to prevent excessive build-up of dust, pet dander and other things that can cause respiratory problems.

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