Mistakes that Are Destroying Your Air Conditioner

Do you want to take steps to increase the life and performance of your air conditioner? Do you know the mistakes that are destroying your air conditioner?

We all want our air conditioners to last for years and years without any problems. This is not completely possible because as years go by, your air conditioner will deteriorate and will need maintenance. But by taking good care of your air conditioner and avoiding certain commonly made mistakes, you can reduce the number of repairs it requires.

We have listed the mistakes that are destroying your air conditioner below…

Not changing the filter:

Your filter keeps contaminants present in the air from being drawn into your ac unit. Therefore as time goes by it will get clogged with impurities leading to your air conditioner working harder to draw in air through a blocked filter. All this stress upon the unit can cause the AC unit to malfunction. It will also make it consume more electricity, costing you more money. It can also affect your health as the hard work it puts in to force in air will result in it pulling in some of the impurities too.

It is important to replace your filter at least every 4 weeks.

Not hiring air conditioner repairmen:

Some people try to handle all their AC problems by themselves in order to save money. But you need to hire air conditioner repairmen for installing your unit, servicing it twice a year (maintenance) and all other repairs. Not doing this and trying to tackle problems on your own will lead to more complications.

Buying the wrong air conditioner:

Sometimes no matter what you do, your air conditioning unit will only continue to deteriorate. This is because you purchased the wrong air conditioning model. If you buy an air conditioner created by a company with a bad reputation or a model that just doesn’t perform, then no matter what you do it will only continue to deteriorate. Do your research and buy air conditioners created by reputable companies and only buy popular models that suit you and your home or office.

At East Texas Refrigeration we recommend Trane Air Conditioners as their models are flawless. For a more accurate suggestion based on your needs, Contact Us Now and our experts will recommend a long lasting air conditioner.

These are the mistakes that are destroying your air conditioner. Stay clear of them.