Air Conditioning for your home or business is important in Tyler, Texas, especially with the hot summer months ahead. Naturally, you want to know how to get the best cooling and heating installation for the best price. The ACCA offers many online resources that will give you important help and relevant information about the HVAC industry.

These resources cover topics such as:

Determining a Good Contractor

Not sure how to find the best contractor? The ACCA gives a detailed list of the attributes of a quality contractor.

Quality Installation

It can be difficult to be sure if your HVAC installation was done well. The ACCA provides quality installation and maintenance checklists, which help you determine if your contractor measures up to industry standards.

Maximum Efficiency and Comfort

Want to make sure you’re not paying unnecessary heating and cooling bills? This detailed list of tips for maximum efficiency and comfort will help you reduce your bills and increase your home comfort.

Financial Incentive Programs

Want to install the most energy efficient HVAC system? Energy efficiency not only improves your home or business, but it also helps the environment, and there are a variety of nationwide incentive programs that can help you. Simply search the DSIRE database to find out what programs may be available in your area.

Answers to Your Questions

ACCA has compiled a list of answers to the HVAC questions that they receive most often from homeowners.

Articles for Homeowners

The ACCA also provides information about other topics that affect homeowners, like mold, air and water quality, and HVAC tax credits.

At East Texas Refrigeration (ETR), we are here to give you quality products, maximum efficiency, dependable AC repair and the best HVAC experience in Tyler, Texas. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about your own HVAC needs.